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We are here to show you our treasure, tell you our legends, satisfy your hunger and guide you through the steps of the Emperors! Here, you'll stand astonished before the artistic genius of the Romans, unsurpassed masters of construction, architecture and applied arts.

Who are we and why we're here?

As we all know, love is most beautiful when it is shared. That is why we want to share with all of you about our little gem and expose its beauty, secrets, history and greenery in all their glory! This site was developed by the “Development for Hissarya” Foundation with the kind assistance of the Municipality of Hissarya. Our activity is entirely focused on supporting our little jewel by making it an even more cozy place for you and your loved ones.

Legends of Hissarya

Those that our grandmothers told in the cozy country room, and we listened with interest and anticipation. Those who make our skin bristle to this day, listening to them once again...

The Water...

A bit of history about the cold water. Three hundred acres of land, chained to the fortress, was already narrow for the growing city. Private and public buildings, apart

СПА Хотели в град Хисаря

The legend of the Camels

The fortress and the southern gate "Camels" The history of the city of Hissar is mainly related to the Roman Empire. When they arrived in these lands, the Romans found a little Thracian here